Olive has two new brothers.

March 2016

Sphynx Olive & Reg   Sphynx Olive 3   Sphynx Reg 1   Sphynx Reg 2   Sphynx Reg 3   Sphynx Reg

Sphynx Rita   Sphynx Walter 1   Sphynx Walter 2   Sphynx Walter



Olive is doing great, took her to the vet today for yearly check up, everyone loved her, she is so adorable I love her to bits.  Makes me laugh every day and loves to be in bed by my side

Love Julie and Olive xxxx

June 2015

Olive 2 (1)  Olive 3 (1)



Just thought I’d give you a little update on Yoda in case you have been wondering.  He has settled in well and appears to be loving life with us.  He’s grown quite a bit and is still a very vocal little cat!  His stripes have become quite prominent now he’s grown.  We will definitely be returning to you when we get our next one.


June 2015




I would like to thank you for letting me have my lovely boy Jackson, he is so full of energy and love.  I would recommend anyone thinking of getting a Sphynx kitten, to purchase one of your lovely cats, the temperament is one of the best.  He has a better wardrobe than I do!


November 2014

Sphynx Jackson  Sphynx Jacko  Sphynx Jacky 1  Sphynx Jacky 2  Sphynx Jacky 3



6 cats later……

Chris and I were just married, when a friend at work saw a Sphynx kitten in a magazine and thinking I wouldn’t take her seriously, suggested I buy one, she couldn’t have been more wrong.  We started to do our research on the breed and breeders then contacted Merryll after looking at her website, and so the story begins.

We drove down to Wales at the beginning of June 2012 to collect two male Sphynx kittens.  I fell in love with all of the kittens, but we could only take two who we named Mortimer and Randall.  It didn’t take long for Randall to show us who was the boss, by demanding our attention and making lots of noise.  Morty was more reserved and very affectionate, as soon as we sat down they would curl up on our laps and stay there until it was dinner time.

We kept in contact with Merryll and soon found ourselves driving back down to Wales at the beginning of October 2013 to collect two more male kittens who we named Oscar and Digby.  It didn’t take long for all four cats to rule the roost, with Randall being the boss of course.  We kept Merryll updated with photo’s and stories of the cats and often asked her for advice.  It was always comforting to know we could contact Merryll, as these cats are unusual and our vet at the time wasn’t at all familiar with the breed.

The boys wait for us to come home from work and as soon as we walk through the door they are by our side until it’s bedtime, and then of course they want to play as soon as you turn the light off.  They certainly keep us on our toes, but despite lack of sleep, early morning wake up noises for their breakfast and often using your forehead as a trampoline, we wouldn’t be without them.  To say they are spoilt is an understatement.

Recently we exchanged some emails with Merryll, and before we knew it, you guessed, we were on our way back to Wales to pick up a little boy, but as soon as I saw his sister I fell in love with her as well so we brought them both home.  We called then Molly and Dexter, and they are gorgeous.  They all get on very well and sleep together, which often means Chris and I either get pushed out of bed or off the sofa.  We did not set out to have six cats, but there is something about them we love.

Molly loves Chris and on occasions when I hear him say darling, I think he is talking to me, but no he’s talking to Molly of course.  They all have very different characters and their own little ways.  If someone had told me five years ago I would have six Sphynx cats I would have thought it crazy, but here we are and we still wouldn’t say no to maybe one more.  They are our family and when I tell people about the things they get up to, they can’t believe it.  People passing by our house often stop to look at them if they are on the windowsill as they are so gorgeous.  We would never not own a Sphynx and wouldn’t buy one from any other breeder as we trust Merryll and we know the background of our cats.

We are very fortunate to have met Merryll and have our beautiful cats xx

October 2014

Sphynx Oscar  Nicola's Sphynx  Nicola's Sphynx 1  Nicola's Sphynx 2

Nicola's Sphynx 5  Nicola's Sphynx 6  Nicola's Sphynx 7  Nicola's Sphynx 9

Nicola's Sphynx 4-001  Nicola's Sphynx 10  Nicola's Sphynx3



Our adventure to find our Sphynx cat Smeagol.

It started a year ago.
My husband Charlie is disabled and cannot go out in the sun,so he spends most of his time in the bedroom.
We know he loves cats, so my son, daughter and I started looking for a cat suitable for him.
We looked for weeks and weeks and could find nothing, until my daughter came across a website called Stoney Hill breeding Sphynx cats, not too far away from us.
I called the phone number and a very friendly woman called Merryll answered the phone, we knew nothing about Sphynx cats, but Merryll explained everything we needed to know and was very helpful.
We asked if we could visit the kittens that day and Merryll said yes, so off my daughter and I went.

We told my husband we were going shopping, we were, but not for food ha ha!
When we arrived we saw all the kittens and they were so,so sweet, but one little boy caught our eye and my daughter and I just fell in love with him.
We could not stop kissing him, he was so beautiful,so we decided to take him home and surprise Charlie. We know his disability gets him down and wanted to do something to cheer him up.
As soon as we got home we took Smeagol upstairs and gave him to Charlie, the look on his face was priceless,it was love at first sight.
Smeagol went straight over and sat on Charlie and gave him a kiss.

A year later the bond between Smeagol and my husband is so strong,that if Charlie is feeling ill,Smeagol will stay upstairs with him all day, they love each other so much.
I am so glad we have Smeagol, he is great in so many ways, funny, playful, lovable, intelligent and very loyal, I could just go on and on.
Smeagol is loved by us all and you can tell he loves us back.We have parrots, two dogs, a big fish tank and a little grandson and Smeagol is good with them all.
A year later Charlie is still saying thank you to us for bringing Smeagol home,he loves him so much.

I would like to say thank you to Merryll for introducing us to Sphynx cats,our life has not been the same since we had him,he has changed our lives and more so my husbands.

A very big thank you Merryll from us all.  Lots of love Shirley, Charlie and family xxxxxx
July 2014

Sphynx-Smeagol-(3) Sphynx-Smeagol-(1) Sphynx-Smeagol-(2)