Rehoming Sphynx Cats


We do not have any re homes or rescues at the moment, only one cheaper kitten, please get in touch for details.


We have been inundated with inquiries to re home Sphynx cats of late.  Please be advised that fortunately these cats just don’t come in as rescues, we have never been asked to re home a Sphynx kitten that we have sold in ten years.  I occasionally have the odd retired female, but they tend to go to people I know or stay with me.  A Sphynx for rescue is very rare and usually points to a serious health condition which you may not be aware of until you have taken the cat.


If you have purchased a Sphynx kitten from Stoney Hill and due to circumstances beyond your control find you have to rehome your Sphynx, please get in touch with us, we may know of someone who would offer a loving home to an older Sphynx cat.  Please don’t let them fall into the wrong hands