New Sphynx babies born 22-06-15

New Sphynx babies due this week

Stoney Hill has new Sphynx babies born yesterday 05-05-15

Sphynx kittens due beginning of May 2015

Sphynx kitten to Ireland

We have a Sphynx kitten travelling to Dublin, Ireland via courier in April 2015, anyone else interested travel cost can be shared.

New Sphynx babies

Hitomi has new Sphynx kittens, born 08-01-15

Sphynx kittens expected soon

We are expecting Sphynx kittens from Blondie and Hitomi in the next week – 10 days

New Sphynx baby

Truffle has had one beautiful chocolate Sphynx baby born 08-10-14

Sphynx kittens due soon

Truffle is expecting Sphynx kittens in about 2 weeks

Merryl looks forward to adding regular updates

New kittens and cats will be added shortly