Our Girls

Milly was our first Sphynx girl, she came to join us at Stoney Hill in 2007 and has produced some lovely kittens.  We have kept kittens from her and her daughter to keep the bloodline.  Milly is now retired and spends her time sitting on the Aga, or laying on the sofa in the sun, she remains with us at Stoney Hill as a family pet.


Cwm Brefi Molly is a young female we have retained, granddaughter to our foundation Sphynx Milly.


Cwm Brefi Truffle is a chocolate point Sphynx with blue eyes, she is an F2 bred from our own bloodlines to improve and strengthen the breed.  Truffle is mum to our beautiful Sphynx boy Vulcan.  Truffle is a very affectionate little girl, who always wants to be with you.

Truffle - Sphynx Sphynx cat Truffle

Cwm Brefi Hitomi is an odd eyed white, daughter to Blondie, born here at Stoney Hill.  Like her mum she has the most amazing temperament.

Sphynx Hitomi Sphynx cat Hitomi

Blondie is a blue eyed white Sphynx, she is the most loving girl you could wish for.

Sphynx Blondie Sphynx Cat Blondie

Cwm Brefi Cameo: Cameo is full sister to Molly, granddaughter to our beautiful Sphynx girl Milly