Stoney Hill has tried to answer all your questions in the pages of our website, please read through them carefully and you should find an answer.  However, we have listed below some of the most frequently asked questions.

Can my Sphynx go outside?

Yes, but they are very valuable and you run a huge risk of theft.  Also they do feel the cold and need sun cream on a hot day as they can burn.  Some people have safe
enclosed gardens or outdoor cat runs, or you could always train your Sphynx to harness.

Are Sphynx hard to look after?

No, they need a little extra help with their personal care and a litter tray indoors.

Can you have one Sphynx on it's own?

Yes, whilst it is lovely if you can afford to take 2 siblings together, this is not always possible.  They soon adapt and enjoy human company.

Will a Sphynx kitten get on with my other cats?

Stoney Hill Sphynx are all well socialized and have been bred for their amazing temperaments, all my kittens have settled well with other cats.

Is it best to have a boy or a girl?

Both boys and girls have lovely temperament.  If you already have a female cat, your female would be more accepting of male.  If you have a neutered male you could have either.  Large numbers of neutered males seem to live well together.

Will a Sphynx kitten get on with my dog?

Providing your dog has a nice nature, there is no reason why not.  They will take a little while to read each others body language, then they usually end up best friends.
Sphynx kittens from Stoney Hill have gone to live with dogs as large as Great Dane’s and St. Bernard’s and have all bonded well.

Do they have lots of health problems?

Heart problems have been inherent in the Sphynx breed.  Stoney hill has worked very hard over the last 7 years to breed out these problems and strengthen the breed.

Will I have to keep the heating on all day?

No, but if your house is cold you will need to provide a heated bed, they are hairless.

Can I have a Sphynx if I have an allergy?

The Sphynx is not totally hypo allergenic, they give off skin cells which can cause a reaction.  You should be OK if your allergy is to hair only.  Come and spend some time with them to see if you have a reaction.