Stoney Hill only sell Sphynx kittens to forever, loving indoor homes. Due to their lack of hair they feel the cold and are also sensitive to over exposure to the sun, hence they are indoor cats.

Your new Sphynx kitten will need to be bathed and will be used to having this done before going to his/her new home. There is no hard and fast rule as to how often ,some Sphynx will need a bath once a week, whilst others will need one less often.

Some people advise the use of baby or sensitive products,  at Stoney Hill we tend to use whatever we have for ourselves and have never had any skin problems with our Sphynx.

Baby wipes are very good for a quick rub over.

Sphynx cats need to have their ears cleaned, we use damp cotton wool and cotton wool buds to clean the outer ear.If you feel there is a build up of wax a few drops of baby oil will loosen this.

Sphynx require their nails to be trimmed about every two weeks as they do grow very long .Your new baby will be used to having this done from the age of two weeks.

Also a scratching post should always be provided.

scrathing post-old Sphynx-Scratch-post Sphynx-Scratching-post _C013854

Last, but not least a warm bed.Sphynx like to cuddle up to something warm,so if you are not available a heat pad or heated bed is a good idea.

Merryll from Stoney Hill will happily advise you on the best place to obtain one.